Chromehorse came on line in 1997 and has been running steadily for about 14 years.  I have no idea of how many posts, how many words, how many pages there are.  I have no ambitions.  No ads.  No interest in driving people to my site.  I write for myself, for my own amusement and reflection, and to create a record of whatever it is I am interested in at that moment in time.

Like everything else, this page is kind of a racket.  And kind of not.

The older I get, the less this feels like wisdom.

My interests are these:  music, film, any other arts, history, truth, philosophy.  I am inspired by a series in the New York Times by Errol Morris on the subject of how do you know what you don’t know.   That is, after all else is said and done, the only really relevant question.

And that’s about that.






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