Rant of the Week

Do You Know Hugh Thompson?

Hugh Thompson, Larry Colburn, Glenn Andreotti.  You probably don't know their names.   I didn't know their names, off hand, until just recently.

Hugh Thompson was a warrant officer and helicopter pilot in Viet Nam in 1968.  He happened to be flying over My Lai at the time of the massacre.  When he realized what was going on, he lowered his helicopter between William Calley and several women and children and demanded that he stop the killing.  Calley was a Lieutenant, and Thompson a mere warrant officer.  Calley stopped, for the moment, and Thompson was able to evacuate several women and children.  When Thompson returned to his base, he demanded the someone intervene to stop the slaughter.  Nobody did much of anything.

It's human nature that today we all know the names of Mark Spitz and Jessica Simpson and Michael Jackson and Regis Philbin.... but I'll bet most people could never tell you who Hugh Thompson is.

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