It is Too Late: Global Warming

It is probably too late to do anything serious about global warming. Within two years it will have reached a tipping point and no amount of reduction of carbon emissions will be able to stop it. All of the stuff that Al Gore predicted will probably come true. Even as you are reading this you probably think, “that’s impossible”.

It is indeed very, very difficult to get a grip on a concept like global warming. It is elusive, monumental, hyperbolic, imaginary. But it’s not. As predicted, the ice caps are melting and sea levels are rising and there are more storms of greater and greater intensity.

The town of Norfolk, Virginia, not by any means a hot-bed of enlightened, progressive thought, is asking the federal government to help fund $1 Billion of improvements to their harbour to enable it to withstand increased “flooding”. Yes, they use the word “flooding” because the conservative members of the town council didn’t want to seem to be endorsing the idea of rising sea levels, though the $1 billion seems to me a pretty ringing endorsement.